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Noves Fitxes de MÓsters i Postgraus

New master's degrees and graduate diploma webpages

We're premiering our webpages! Our new webages with information on master's degrees, graduate diplomas and specialisation courses are now available, with several improvements in  design, speed, optimisation for search engines and contents.

Youtuber ECIU

YouTubers eager to explain what is ECIU wanted!

We are looking for an undergraduate or graduate student from the Faculty of Communication Studies, who is a great fan of YouTube and new digital narratives. The objective: to help us explain the ECIU to the UAB community, particularly through the making of short videos, but also through other corporate communication actions.

El mÓster en 1 minut #challenge

One-minute master #challenge

We've invited all the coordinators of UAB's postgraduate programmes to summarise each of their programmes in a one-minute video. Thats' quite a challenge!

Projecte INIA: estudis intersexualitat i drets humans

The UAB studies the wellbeing and rights of intersex people

A UAB research group forms part of Intersexuality and New Interdisciplinary Approaches (INIA), a new international network to create knowledge on the studies, policy making and practices in intersexuality as seen from a human rights perspective.