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A New Partnership for a Competitive and Inclusive Growth in the Mediterranean: The EU-Funded Nex-Labs Project


A consortium of 11 partners from 7 countries across the Mediterranean, led by the UAB, has joined forces to tackle the challenges of a competivite and inclusive growth in the agrifood sector through the Nex-Labs project. With a budget of €3M, it will develop the Open Living Labs an contribute to implementing clean technologies in the territories most vulnerable to water scarcety and global warming.

Projecte INIA: estudis intersexualitat i drets humans

The UAB studies the wellbeing and rights of intersex people

A UAB research group forms part of Intersexuality and New Interdisciplinary Approaches (INIA), a new international network to create knowledge on the studies, policy making and practices in intersexuality as seen from a human rights perspective.

This year join our Social Actions!

The FAS volunteer programmes resume their activities after the summer holidays and call out to students who are interested in forming an active part of the university by participating in social actions: with prisons, schools, refugees, hospital patients, and the environment and health issues.


Lecturer Sonia Pulido wins National Illustration Award

Lecturer of the graduate programme in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques at EINA, Sonia Pulido was awarded the 2020 National Illustration Award conferred by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports.